Saturday, April 19, 2014

Illustration: Hurry to the Honeymoon

When I did the Rose Wedding Invitations I also created an illustration for use on some of the stationary that wasn't rose themed. Originally the couple had just planned to have it on the brunch invitations that went out to some of their guests, but as illustrations are time-consuming and therefore relatively expensive, I suggested that they use it on some other items as well, to get more use out of it – so it also went on the thank you cards and became endpapers in the books on the reception tables. 

They'd seen an invitation with an illustration of a couple running with luggage, and said that they would like something with a similar concept, but with more of a vintage feel and including their westie, Max. 

Image from The American Wedding

I sent along a number of vintage illustrations, to see exactly which vintage they would like, and they chose this J C Leyendecker image:

Image from The Heart of Art

but liked the clothes in this illustration by Georges Barbier:

Image from

Now, I'm no Leyendecker (alas) but I did my best to get some sort of reflection of his amazing style. The dress in the Barbier image didn't really work for the illustration, and looked a bit formal, so I took the basic petal design and bow and came up with something a bit shorter and more modern (and I put the groom in a lounge suit, to match not only the dress code of the wedding itself but also the paler colour scheme of all the stationary. 

Here's a progress animation to show how the illustration took shape:

I started off with a basic pose created with the 3D models in Manga Studio, scrawled over it in Photoshop and used that as a basis for a pencil sketch. I then scanned that in and slapped a bit of colour on it, and sent it off for approval. Once I had that it was just a matter of filling in the colour and trying to keep the whole thing looking Leyendecker-ish – but halfway through I did change my mind over the pose of the dog, and various things did change a bit as I was working, as I decided that I didn't like the way I'd drawn some things. 

Here are a couple of details:

Adobe Photoshop CC with a Wacom Intuos 3; about 5 hours. 

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