Friday, July 23, 2010

More Regency Mice

Remember my Illustration of the dancing mice? (The Minuet) 

The wonderful and very talented Makenzi Crouch wrote me a short story to accompany it. To read an excerpt (the part dealing with the original painting) visit her fledgling blog The Bluestocking Firefly (which also contains excerpts of other things she's written). It's a sort of merging of mice and Georgette Heyer, so I'm pretty much guaranteed to love it (she obviously knows what I like). I think it's adorable, so go read it!

So last night I took a break from what I was doing, and did three small vignettes from other parts of the story on an offcut piece of watercolour paper, trying to loosen up my sketching style a bit. I was trying to channel Randolph Caldecott a bit, but I think I've got a way to go! However, I quite like them, all the same. ^.^

These are all roughly 10 x 10cm, and I used two Faber-Castell PITT artist pens in sepia/brown – the Brush nib and the small nib. 

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