Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wren Wedding Invitations

Lately I've been doing a fair bit of wedding invitation design, which has been fun.
So, here's the result of one of these projects.

I started out with five design concepts, based around information gathered in a questionnaire I gave the couple. This is the design they chose, based on this horrible thumbnail sketch and a bit of a write-up.
And really, when the things to include include the words 'blue', 'feathers', 'cute' and 'friendly' – how can you resist a fairy wren or two?

Once we'd finalised the choice of design, I started with this sketch, and then did a digital painting:

You can see the final painting over here at my deviantart account.

And here are some snaps of the invitations and RSVP postcards that were put together. I still have other things to do for this wedding, but we got the invitations sent out in good time.

The bride, my mother, and I spent a day getting the various parts of the invitations ready (folding, cutting the ribbon, cutting out and embossing the wrens), and then I put them all together the next day:

The invitations were triple-folded, with a quote on the inside flap, the invitation wording in the centre, and hand-drawn maps to the chapel and reception on the left and right.

The postcards were printed by CJ King, and they did a great job.

The invitations I'm working on currently bear no similarity to these at all. It's nice to know I can be versatile.

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