Monday, August 16, 2010

Illustration: Tiana

Whee! Shameless fanart! ^.^

This is my interpretation of Tiana from Disney's The Princess and the Frog. I liked her design in the dream sequences much better than the rest of the movie, plus I wanted to paint all those golden colours. 

This started out as a sketch in my sketchbook, with absolutely no reference, so we're not talking extreme character likeness here. And today I was waiting for some job info to come in (bit hard to create ads without the text =P) and I had a headache, so I amused myself by taking it into Photoshop and painting it up. 

I think we're talking about 5 hours all up, including the sketch. That text took longer to arrive than I was expecting, so I was able to get a bit carried away on what was intended as a speedpaint.

No reference for Tiana herself, but I did take a look at some screenshots to get a general feel for the background. Textures from 

I do not like the fountain. I do like her dress, however; I had fun playing with what was essentially negative space. =)

Tiana is copyright Disney. 


  1. She looks absolutely lovely and I like that you have her a bit sharper than the background, so she stands out even though she's in harmony with the warm golds and ivories. Beautiful color scheme!
    I haven't watched the movie yet :(

  2. Thanks so much Joumana! =) Technically she's a little sharper even than you see here – downsizing the jpeg for blogger was not kind to this image!
    I really loved the colours in the dream sequences – so warm and striking, and very graphic, too. I wished they'd kept more of the Deco look in the 'real life' bits (although possibly I'm just a sucker for Deco =P)
    I enjoyed the movie – every now and then I go through Disney moods, so I always snaffle movies I like on dvd before they vanish back into the vault.

  3. Beautiful piece. The colors, lines, textures, all fit so smoothly. I'm glad you mentioned the fountain, I was searching for the invisible cigarette, lol. But I see the fountain now. :)



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