Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sketches: Little Girls

I've been seeing a lot of very cute little girls around lately (it must be something about the cooler weather, but the world seems positively overrun with small girls in coats and tutus and stockings and lots of layers.) I've been sketching down the cutest as quick gesture sketches in my sketchbook for future reference, but yesterday my Moleskine watercolour sketchbook arrived in the mail, so I did a couple of little girls in that to try it out. 

This one was done mainly with Ecoline ink and a little watercolour (outlines with an Artline Drawing System 0.1). For coloured sketches like this I prefer Ecolines, but the colours didn't scan very well, unfortunately. 

She was inspired by a fashion spread in a parenting magazine my mother (who is a teacher) had out from the library, and which I flicked through over lunch. A similar coat and skirt appeared (separately) in that, and I put them together when I was thinking of costume options. I also wanted to draw a skirt flipping up at the back when held down at the front – possibly the product of looking at too many hooped skirts in a costume book. =P

This was my first attempt in the new sketchbook, from a sketch titled 'The Knighthood' in my pencil sketchbook. I like the pencil version better, actually. I think I used too thick a pen. 
The dog became a teddy bear in the coloured version, as that was what was originally supposed to be there.... until I changed my mind. 
Winsor and Newton watercolours, outlines with a sepia PITT artist's pen. 

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