Sunday, May 25, 2014

iPad: Caprice Bohémien

I did this little painting using Sketchbook Pro on my iPad mini. No, she's not Esmerelda.

It's a cleaned-up version of this very messy sketch, which I did (in extremely low light) while listening to Rachmaninov's Caprice Bohémien at a WASO Concert. Don't get me wrong, WASO is fabulous and the music is beautiful, but it makes my mind wander, and if I occupy my hands in response to the music, I can focus on it a lot better. Plus, the person sitting in front of me had the most enormous head ever, and blocked out a good two-thirds-plus of the stage.... and his wife had big hair, so I could only see about three violinists and the double bass, and occasionally the guy on cymbals. >.<

I quite liked the sketch, so when I wanted something to work on while watching tv I snapped a photo of it and took it into Sketchbook Pro. It's quicker working on the computer (and I'm much more polished with that) but I can't lounge around by the heater and watch tv in the evenings if I'm using the computer – I have to sit all alone out in the office. =P 

The linework isn't as clean as usual, so I haven't put up a colouring page on my website, but if anyone would like it, here's the linework on its own so feel free to have a colour – please don't remove my logo or web address, claim as your own or use for profit, but please do have fun!

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on an iPad mini, using a Wacom Intuos Stylus. Slight saturation adjustment in Adobe Photoshop CC.

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