Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Portraiture: Gaya

Finally got around to putting on the final touches, so I'm calling it done. There's generally things I think I could work on more / have done better, but after a while it's best just to call it a day before I really overwork it. =P 

It's a pity coloured pencil doesn't scan quite as well as I'd like. I much prefer this in real life, the colours seem so much more alive, and positively glow (and the blends are a little better). This is as close as I could get it in Photoshop:

You can see this a bit bigger over on my deviantart page.

Here's a progress animation, showing stages of completion. I scan every night (assuming I've worked on a piece during the day) but I don't always work all day on one piece, so the stages aren't equal.

And here are some detail shots:

 Her sleeve:




Prismacolour coloured pencils, Winsor & Newton watercolours, Reeves gouache and Sailor White Writer on Bristol Board.
Somewhere around 36 hours over 13 days (not consecutively) 

1 comment:

  1. She's spectacular! And I love the radiantly warm hues. That's crazy stuff for pencils!!



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