Thursday, September 26, 2013

Invitations: Tulip Wedding

Here are some wedding invitations that I sent off today. I did the engagement invitations for the same couple and they requested something similar but with the colour scheme changed from purple and silver to red and silver. 

The wedding ceremony is at Araluen Botanical Park, which is known for its tulips, so as I again didn't have any specific guidelines for what to design, I went went with a tulip theme. They'd requested that the invitations be 'romantic' but also 'fun' so I typeset on an angle so as to be a bit less formal, and used Americana BT for the font, as with the engagement invitations. I used the text monogram from the engagement invitations to tie everything together. 

As wedding invitations need to look a bit more luxe, I used embossing powder to emboss all the monograms. I went out an got some embossing pens, but most annoyingly they didn't work on the paper (Canon high resolution paper) – the ink dried instantly, presumably due to the coating, so the powder had nothing to stick to; I was forced to return to using glue, which works but results in a more crackly finish than the embossing pens. (Fortunately I plan to emboss this year's Christmas cards, and the pens do work on that cardstock. They will not be wasted!)

52 invitations and 52 rsvp slips are quite a lot to emboss, but I think it was worth it, they catch the light very nicely. 

Typesetting in Adobe inDesign CC, Illustration in Adobe Photoshop CC, all hand assembled. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sketches and Sneak Peeks

Long time no post! I've been pretty flat out – for a couple of weeks all I was doing was waiting for work that was supposed to materialise, and then it all arrived at once, several projects within three days of each other! However, to prevent my blog from completely stagnating, here are some sketches I did a while ago, as rewards for working all day:

Mucking about with personifying my dog, Myrna – she's a cavoodle, so a mix of King Charles Cavalier and Poodle (hence the costume).
Manga Studio 5, 30 minutes to sketch, 30 minutes to colour.

A sketch of Eustacie in Georgette Heyer's The Talisman Ring, which I was listening to at the time. 
Manga Studio 5 and Photoshop, 30 minutes to sketch, 30 minutes to colour.

And here's a little peek at a few of the things I'm working on, which is currently ranging from portraiture to advertising to educational publishing to wedding invitations to Christmas cards. Plus a graphic novel test that I was putting together while waiting for work to arrive. I don't think anyone can say that I'm not versatile! =P


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