Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Cards 2018

This year my Christmas cards referenced some traditional carols. I always tie the two designs I do together somehow, and this year I used a shiny circular motif in sparkly gilding. 

See more below the cut!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Folktale Week 2018

I took part in Folktale Week over on Instagram. Still very busy, so a lot of my posts involved sneaky reusing and altering of existing work, but better than nothing!

Day 1: Forest 
In which I sneakily use a study of Rottnest Island, change the lighting, add some sparkles and call it good.

More below the cut:

Saturday, December 1, 2018


Here's a memorial pet portrait I recently created. His name is Amigo, and I was told he loved the beach. It was commissioned by a friend of his owners, as a surprise, so I only had a few facebook photos to go off - not the best situation; I had four photos, he was lying down in all of them, and I could only see his body in one of them. However, he was a nice plain-coloured Labrador, so that made it easier, any old Labrador-body would do. It's when dogs have specific patterns that I don't know about that we run into problems! (PSA: 'Illustrator' is not synonymous with 'Clairvoyant' ^.~) 

See below the cut for a couple of progress shots:

Twilight Dancer

A quick little Hawaiian dancer for Colour Collective's 'Thistle' prompt. I chose something quick as November was full of deadlines and I was very busy - but I wanted to have a little break and do a Colour Collective as a change of pace. 

Adobe Photoshop CC2019 on a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro. Under 2 hours.


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