Friday, December 14, 2018

Folktale Week 2018

I took part in Folktale Week over on Instagram. Still very busy, so a lot of my posts involved sneaky reusing and altering of existing work, but better than nothing!

Day 1: Forest 
In which I sneakily use a study of Rottnest Island, change the lighting, add some sparkles and call it good.

More below the cut:

Day 2: Magic
In which I actually create something new!

Day 3: Witch 
In which I reuse Day 1's forest and an old sketch of a goose witch. 

Day 4: Ghost 
In which I don't even make any adjustments, but just post this old illustration of Mariella.

Day 5: Insect
In which I combine the prompt with Colour Collective's 'Glow Worm' colour, and focus on sparkles.

Day 6: Mirror
In which I do draw a mirror, but fill it with an old sketch. I do, however, animate it. You can see that version on IG here.

Day 7: Animal
In which I totally run out of time and post an old illustration from 2008. It does have the distinction of being the only piece that actually references as existing folktale. 

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