Friday, April 27, 2012

Illustration: Parrot Stealing

Why do computer updates always appear just as I'm about to shut down and go to bed? While the current one is downloading I shall take advantage of the wait and post this picture, which uses my little Pirate.

This was done in Photoshop, rather than on the iPad (I did do an initial sketch on the iPad, but Photoshop is easier), but I'm not sure how long it took me. Colouring in the aftermath of having a wisdom tooth removed does tend to make you forget to keep track of the time. =P It probably wasn't over 5 hours, anyway.
I quite like it, I might do more with these characters. =)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Intuos 3

Saturday, April 21, 2012

iPad: Pirate

A style experiment I did while watching tv this evening, with the result that it sort of doesn't look like I did it.... but I'm pretty happy with it, and shall see if I can keep it up, and add another style to my arsenal. 

Done with Sketchbook Pro on an iPad 2, using a Wacom Bamboo Stylus. It look me about four hours, while being frequently distracted by the tv. And if you're interested, I used four layers, and the 5B and 9B pencils from the extra brush set. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vectors: Health flyers

Here are a few of the vectors I did this week, to jazz up some informational flyers for a chiropractic clinic. Since it's hardly reasonable to charge the earth for simple flyers, where possible I used images already in my files, so you might recognise two of these. They're all coloured to match the client's branding. 

Two kids for a flyer about regularly checking kids' backs for scoliosis. For this I quickly vectored Trouble, which took me about 30-45 minutes.   

A health professional, based loosely on one of the actual people at the clinic. 

And a vector of Ready for Anything, which (fortunately for me) I'd already vectored up as a media example for a job pitch – so I just changed her colours. She was for a flyer about helping kids manage asthma through checking spinal health. 

All done in Adobe Illustrator CS4, with a Wacom Intuos 3.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Illustration: The Carioca

A third watercolour sketch of Fred Astaire dancing. This time it's 'The Carioca' from Flying Down to Rio. I could have done a better pose, but wanted the heads together, since that's basically the whole point of the dance. 

Two heads together
they say are better than one
Two heads together
that's how the dance is begun

Not the best likenesses, but it'll do. 

Winsor and Newton watercolours, Artline Drawing System pens and Atelier Waterproof Drawing Ink (Carbon Black) in a Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook.
About 2 hours in total. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Illustration: Change Partners

Another watercolour sketch to go with Dream. This time it's Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in Carefree, dancing the lovely hypnosis dance to 'Change Partners'. Definitely one of my favourite of their dances, and I did a similar pose in black and white, back in 2005, which I was never very happy with. The likenesses may have been better (but I did spend 15 hours on that one, so that's hardly surprising) but I just didn't feel that it really worked. 

I think I like this one better, overall. Not such good likenesses, but I like the contrast of the solid black and colour. Next up (when I get the time >.<) will I think have to be The Carioca from Flying Down to Rio.
Like Dream, this was done from a screenshot of the waist up. I have to find poses where they'll both fit in the narrow Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook! =P

Winsor and Newton watercolours, Artline Drawing System pens and Atelier Waterproof Drawing Ink (Carbon Black) in a Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook.
About 2 hours in total. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Illustration: Dream

A quick watercolour sketch of Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron in Daddy Long Legs. Apparently one either loves or hates that film, and I love it. It's sweet. ^.^
I've had screenshots of various movements in this (very pretty) dance printed out for years, waiting for me to get the time to turn them into a whole progression illustration... but that hasn't happened yet. So I did this last night. 

For those that are interested, this is the final dance in the film, to Dream (When You're Feelin' Blue) – and is based on a screenshot of almost the last frame. The screenshot is from the hips up, so I improvised the bottom. And I'm quite pleased with the result; I'll have to see if what other dances I can come up with that have black dresses, and make myself a little series. (Musicals-obsessed? Me? Never!) A bit of splashy watercolour is relaxing when you've been doing detail work for hours. 

Admittedly, this looks a little better scanned, the ink is a bit shiny (but so fabulously black!)

Winsor and Newton watercolours, Artline Drawing System pens and Atelier Waterproof Drawing Ink (Carbon Black) in a Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook.
A little under 2 hours in total. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Colouring Pages: Piglets & Bunnies

I've added two new colouring pages to my website.
Click on the thumbnails to download them, or go here to see all the colouring pages currently available. They're free for personal home or school use, and will print out on A4 paper. All I ask is that you don't remove my copyright, and should you post them anywhere it would be nice if you liked back to me, and maybe told me so I can come see. =)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

iPad: Lalla Ward

This is one of those sketches that comes about in a round-about way. We were at a bbq, and while everyone was sitting down chatting Richard Dawkins was mentioned.... which set me to looking up Lalla Ward, who I thought was married to him (and I was right, she is), so then I had photos of her.... and since I was using the iPad, and it had become too dark to use my sketchbook, I started to paint her. I didn't have my stylus with me, so I started using just my finger, and switched to using the stylus when we got home. After roughly four hours iPad painting I exported it from Sketchbook Pro and spent half an hour or so touching it up in Photoshop, and adding a bit of colour. I'd originally painted it in black and white, as I was referencing several photos, my main one being a post Doctor Who publicity shot, very 80s in colour, with matching 80s hair. Black and white was therefore easier to deal with. 

So, here is Lalla Ward as Romana in classic Doctor Who:

And here's the original version, as it looked when I exported from Sketchbook Pro. It needed a few refinements that I was too lazy to do on the iPad – everything was much quicker in Photoshop. It would have been quicker all round had I started in Photoshop, but without the benefit of being able to sketch while watching tv and sitting in a comfy chair. 

Sketchbook Pro on an iPad 2 with a Wacom Bamboo Stylus (4 hours), then taken into Adobe Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Intuos 3 (1/2 hour). Colour added with two layers set to colour and overlay. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Illustration: Bunnies!

Happy Easter everyone!

Here we have an easter themed illustration, to go with Piglets! I figured they might make a good card set, so this is #2. At some point I'll do another three so I have a set of 5. I started this after watching a Marple with my mother - lots of fabulous 50s clothes in that. I have plenty of other stuff I should rather be working on, but it is a long weekend, so I think I was allowed a bit of a painting break. ^.^

Winsor & Newton watercolours and Artline Drawing System pens on random watercolour paper. About 4 hours. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Illustration: Dragon Rider

I had a meeting with a potential client today (*fingers crossed*) so updated my samples-of-children with this little kid. He's inspired by a little boy my mother saw a couple of weeks back, riding his tricycle while dressed as a dragon. I didn't see him, but I thought the image would be cute. 

Adobe Photoshop CS4 with Wacom Intuos 3, about 3 – 4 hours.


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