Sunday, April 8, 2012

iPad: Lalla Ward

This is one of those sketches that comes about in a round-about way. We were at a bbq, and while everyone was sitting down chatting Richard Dawkins was mentioned.... which set me to looking up Lalla Ward, who I thought was married to him (and I was right, she is), so then I had photos of her.... and since I was using the iPad, and it had become too dark to use my sketchbook, I started to paint her. I didn't have my stylus with me, so I started using just my finger, and switched to using the stylus when we got home. After roughly four hours iPad painting I exported it from Sketchbook Pro and spent half an hour or so touching it up in Photoshop, and adding a bit of colour. I'd originally painted it in black and white, as I was referencing several photos, my main one being a post Doctor Who publicity shot, very 80s in colour, with matching 80s hair. Black and white was therefore easier to deal with. 

So, here is Lalla Ward as Romana in classic Doctor Who:

And here's the original version, as it looked when I exported from Sketchbook Pro. It needed a few refinements that I was too lazy to do on the iPad – everything was much quicker in Photoshop. It would have been quicker all round had I started in Photoshop, but without the benefit of being able to sketch while watching tv and sitting in a comfy chair. 

Sketchbook Pro on an iPad 2 with a Wacom Bamboo Stylus (4 hours), then taken into Adobe Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Intuos 3 (1/2 hour). Colour added with two layers set to colour and overlay. 

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