Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Illustration: Fight Like a Pirate

Apart from some portraiture, I'm mainly waiting for feedback on work I'm doing, or for other work to materialise at the moment, so I've been having a bit of fun with the @Daily_Doodle prompts over on Twitter. 
I got a bit carried away with this one....

With a pirate-themed prompt, I just couldn't resist revisiting my hapless pirate Gawain (sorry, he likes to be known as 'Blackbeard the Terrible'. If the 'Gawain' ever got out he'd never live it down, it's the root of all his troubles as it is) and his nemesis. I first designed them way back in 2012, but wasn't entirely happy with the style. This is something I can do more comfortably. 

The full prompt was 'Fight like a pirate' – not Gawain's strong suit. 

And here's another picture of Gawain, this time managing to present a proper piratey face to the world. I did this back in 2012 too, tweaking the original style I was using, but I don't think I'd posted it anywhere:

There is also a colouring page of this over on my website.

All done in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos 3.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

iPad: Caprice Bohémien

I did this little painting using Sketchbook Pro on my iPad mini. No, she's not Esmerelda.

It's a cleaned-up version of this very messy sketch, which I did (in extremely low light) while listening to Rachmaninov's Caprice Bohémien at a WASO Concert. Don't get me wrong, WASO is fabulous and the music is beautiful, but it makes my mind wander, and if I occupy my hands in response to the music, I can focus on it a lot better. Plus, the person sitting in front of me had the most enormous head ever, and blocked out a good two-thirds-plus of the stage.... and his wife had big hair, so I could only see about three violinists and the double bass, and occasionally the guy on cymbals. >.<

I quite liked the sketch, so when I wanted something to work on while watching tv I snapped a photo of it and took it into Sketchbook Pro. It's quicker working on the computer (and I'm much more polished with that) but I can't lounge around by the heater and watch tv in the evenings if I'm using the computer – I have to sit all alone out in the office. =P 

The linework isn't as clean as usual, so I haven't put up a colouring page on my website, but if anyone would like it, here's the linework on its own so feel free to have a colour – please don't remove my logo or web address, claim as your own or use for profit, but please do have fun!

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on an iPad mini, using a Wacom Intuos Stylus. Slight saturation adjustment in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Portrait: Joan Blondell

Here's a portrait of the fabulous Joan Blondell - initially an exercise in doing a colour portrait from a black and white reference photo, and in using the iPad.

I did most of it using SketchbookPro on my iPad mini, with a Wacom Intuos stylus, but as my reference was also on the iPad, I couldn't see it and my work at the same time, so the likeness was atrocious. I then took it into Photoshop in my computer and fixed it up a bit so that it actually did look like Joan Blondell. It languished for a while before I did that, but I dusted it off and finished it yesterday.

Here's a progress animation compiled from screenshots I took while I was working on the iPad. I had a lot of fun doing the hair! All bar the last (final) stage was done using the ipad:

Autodesk SketchbookPro for iPad, iPad mini, Wacom Intuos stylus, Adobe Photoshop CC and a Wacom Intuos 3.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Needle Felting: Guppy Tutorial

Want to know how to needle felt this guppy?

I put together a tutorial for a friend a few months ago, as she was having trouble felting a fish for a birthday present, and rather than have it just gather dust on my hard drive, I figured I should share it before I forgot all about it. 

It's a bit rough as I put it together very quickly, and haven't gone back and edited it or anything. I haven't mentioned needle sizes, but you can generally tell what I'm using from the photos: the needle in the holder is a #38, the plain tip is a #36, the pink tip is a #32. The yellow tip is a star needle, but I'm not sure of its gauge. 
Any questions, please feel free to ask!

The tute is a pdf, you can view it here
Alternatively you can find it in the Fun Stuff > Resources section of my website, where there are a number of other tutorials. 

The instructions are just for a flat, one-sided guppy, suitable for framing or making into a magnet or brooch etc, but can easily be adapted to make something that is viewable from both sides. It's flat because I didn't have much time, pretty much. To make a 3D guppy, make the fins and tail first and sandwich them between two body shapes. Felt those together, building up as necessary, and then add the details to both sides.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sketch: What I Wore

Stalled a bit coming up with solutions for a job I'm doing, and so changed tack and took some time out to whip up this quick What I Wore Today sketch in Manga Studio:

That's my dog Myrna. I realised too late that I should have worn a red belt and then we would have completely matched!

In other news, I am now on Twitter. You can find me at @AleneArt or via the sidebar of this blog. I'll be posting more rough sketches and sneak peeks over there than I do on the blog. 


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