Thursday, May 8, 2014

Needle Felting: Guppy Tutorial

Want to know how to needle felt this guppy?

I put together a tutorial for a friend a few months ago, as she was having trouble felting a fish for a birthday present, and rather than have it just gather dust on my hard drive, I figured I should share it before I forgot all about it. 

It's a bit rough as I put it together very quickly, and haven't gone back and edited it or anything. I haven't mentioned needle sizes, but you can generally tell what I'm using from the photos: the needle in the holder is a #38, the plain tip is a #36, the pink tip is a #32. The yellow tip is a star needle, but I'm not sure of its gauge. 
Any questions, please feel free to ask!

The tute is a pdf, you can view it here
Alternatively you can find it in the Fun Stuff > Resources section of my website, where there are a number of other tutorials. 

The instructions are just for a flat, one-sided guppy, suitable for framing or making into a magnet or brooch etc, but can easily be adapted to make something that is viewable from both sides. It's flat because I didn't have much time, pretty much. To make a 3D guppy, make the fins and tail first and sandwich them between two body shapes. Felt those together, building up as necessary, and then add the details to both sides.

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