Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Progress: Gaya

I took a day off today, and spent it starting a coloured pencil portrait of Gaya, my lovely cousin-by-marriage. She was kind enough to let me have a full-resolution copy of this beautiful photo for portrait-purposes, so I thought I should post progress in case she wanted to see. 

This picture serves several purposes: I need to practice my coloured pencil portraiture, as I haven't done any in years. I need to add some coloured pencil work to my portraiture portfolio. I need to create a wedding portrait portfolio. And I just liked the picture. ^.^

I've done the majority of the skin – I wanted to get as much skin done as possible, because once you put all your pencils away you can never remember what colours you were using. =P I still need to refine it lots, of course, but most of it's down, at least.

I'm using Prismacolour pencils on generic Bristol Board – not a combination I've tried before. 
About 5-6 hours so far.

I'll upload more progress when I make some – which will be the next time I take some time off and want to spend it doing portraiture. =P 


  1. Hi, it's RoseDaughter from dA. I'm actually trying out color pencils right now! We're working on portraits at the same time.

  2. Hi RoseDaughter! Coloured pencils are certainly an experience after working in graphite, aren't they? It's so long since I used them for a portrait, so I'm definitely having to think about what I'm doing. Good luck with your portraits! =)

  3. I can see you've been busy while I've been away! She's looking lovely! ^.^



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