Monday, May 2, 2011

Illustration: Royal Wedding

I love drawing weddings, and how often does the opportunity come about when the groom isn't in black? I'd spent nearly two weeks working almost exclusively in Adobe Illustrator and equally exclusively in sophisticated, rather muted colours. I needed a break from the computer and the colours, and so took the opportunity to break out my wonderfully un-subtle Ecoline inks. 

This was intended as a very quick little ink and pencil piece, just as a break, but I was kicked out of the room (oh, for an office of my own!) so my father could watch something on the tv in here, and was packed off to sit with my mother, who wanted to watch Midsomer Murders. So I was left with the better part of two hours in which to do my sketch – I could use Ecolines while working on my lap in the lounge room, but I foresee disaster =P – and so this ended up as something rather more detailed than was first planned. 

Not based on any one photo, but rather on a lot of separate ones from Friday and Saturday's wedding supplements in the West Australian

A4, Artline Drawing System 0.1 in black, Ecoline inks, Winsor & Newton watercolours and a touch of Prismacolour pencils. Around four leisurely, unhurried hours. 



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