Monday, October 17, 2011

Finished Christmas Cards

I actually finished these last week, but things also got rather hectic around then, and I didn't manage to photograph them until today. 

I chose to turn the window illustration into a 'framed miniature' - you can possibly see by the shadow that the bottom is raised up with a little double-sided foam tape, while the top is stuck down firmly, with a ribbon bow. There's also some white glitter making up the snow – not very noticeable, but adds a little sparkle when the card catches the light.

The blue wrens are constructed more simply – but have much more noticeable glitter. 

All together they make up quite a hefty pile (the windows take up extra room because of all that foam tape =P) and they're being stored in my cupboard until it's time to write in them. If you look closely in this photo you'll see a variety of other cards from my cardmaking orgy this afternoon; 12 misc cards for a client, and three family birthday cards that need to be sent off this week. Plus one special occasion card that I did on the weekend. 

My life seems rather full of cards at the present moment....

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