Saturday, February 25, 2012

Illustration: Sit!

Finished, at last!

I've had a busy few days, so it's taken me since Wednesday to actually get this painted, doing a little each day. Of course, stripes are not the most speedy of things, but I am trying to get better at patterned fabrics. I think this one came out pretty nicely. =) I think I'd like to do a set of these....

This dress is from the late 1820s (1827–30, to be specific), from a dress in the V&A's Nineteenth Century Costume in Detail. This came out a bit more green than yellow, and rather more vibrant, but then I was working small (she's 15.5cm tall) and trying not to obsess over details too much, so my green lines came out fairly thick. But I still like it. ^.^ Usually I design my own dresses, but I liked this one so much. 

Winsor & Newton watercolours and Artline Drawing System pens in Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook. 

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