Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sneak Peek: Rita Hayworth

I'm currently working on a portraiture commission of Rita Hayworth, a publicity portrait from Tonight and Every Night. I've made good progress on Rita herself, but anticipate her costume taking quite some time – it's almost entirely feathers and sequins, with some sparkly bracelets thrown in for good measure. >.< 

I'm using my usual 0.5 mechanical pencil with a #B lead, and an #8B pencil on 100gsm Quill sketching paper. I don't usually do commissions of stars, but this is for a family acquaintance, so I bend my rules for him. So far I've done around 6 hours work. Half her face still needs a lot of work, but for some reason I always seem to work right to left, when it would make more sense (my being right handed) to work in the opposite direction. You can see the sheet of paper I use to prevent smudging in the photo. 

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