Thursday, July 19, 2012

Card: Mad Men Birthday

My cousin was having a Mad Men theme for her 30th Birthday Party. 30's an important birthday, and I always try to design something a bit fancier for special occasions, so here's the design I did (It was even more important to be fancy as we're unfortunately missing the party – she moved it forward so that she and her husband can go on holiday.... and now it clashes with our own holiday. =P 

In keeping with the theme I designed a Mad Men inspired card:

I chose to do a portrait of my cousin in a dress inspired by the 'blue 50s dress with lace' that I was told she's bought for the party. I haven't seen the dress, so it's probably nothing like it, but I made the effort. =P 
I'm especially pleased with those lights. My mother walked in when I was just starting them, and clearly didn't believe that they'd ever look like lamps instead of just blobs. The beginning stages of artwork can be so confusing! =P

Illustrator CS4, texture (from added in Photoshop.

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