Friday, April 5, 2013

Needle Felting: Wrens & Rabbits

My second needle felting project was a little wren-like bird, that definitely being a form I'm familiar with. I'm trying to try at least one new thing with every new item I felt, and this project experimented with attaching polymer clay items (the beak and feet are both stitched and glued on), basic wire armature (in the tail) and creating a base from plain wool rather than building the whole thing from coloured wools. There are things I'd do differently next time, but this is all about learning what I'm doing. 

For the purposes of this photoshoot the wren is sitting on some blutac - there's a brooch fastening stitched into its base so that it can be attached to a shoulder, which means that while sitting down it's got a list to one side. If I made another I'd make an indent in the bottom of the wren to house the clasp. Previous to the clasp being attached it sat very straight and stable indeed. 

As a very quick project, it being the Easter Weekend by the time I'd finished the wren, I made a little rabbit brooch (experimenting with making a flat-based object)

Dyed and undyed merino wool with fine and coarse needles (no, they didn't come with any numbers). Black beads, black Sculpey, copper wire, lace and brooch clasps. 

I think the wren took about 4-6 hours and the brooch about 1.5 all up. 

Like wrens?

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  1. YEA! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little birdy!! And that rabbit's buck teeth!! AWESOME! I like the idea of the bird sitting on your shoulder. There is an artist here that makes kind of, dragon-like puppets that sit on your shoulder & bob their heads. Very cute!

    1. Oh, thanks so much!
      Getting wrens to sit really *well* on a shoulder still requires some work, but I like the idea too. =) It was such fun to make the wren, it's such a satisfying shape to work with.



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