Saturday, August 3, 2013

Needle felting: Mice

Contrary to appearances, I am not dead! There may have been times over the last month when I wished I was, because sometimes life/work/the world does that to us, but I've managed to survive July relatively unscathed and now that it's August I'm back with some felted mice.

I posted a sneak peek of this as part of a sketchdump back in May but only finished it recently. Back then there was just one mouse, but I always intended there to be three. I could probably go back and tighten up some areas, but I think it's time to call it done:

A shot with my hand, to show size.

And a rotation, because plump mouse bottoms need to be seen at every angle. =P

And finally a shot from above:

Merino & Corridale wool with what I assume are #32, #36 and #38 felting needles. 

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