Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Needle Felting: Arbella

Here is my latest – and definitely most ambitious – needle felting project: Arbella, a mouse of Tudor times. She's intended to be one of a pair, but her swain only exists as a couple of very rough sketches at the moment:

She's felted in merino and corriedale wool, although her core is ordinary polyfill stuffing. I used #32, #36 , #38 and a star felting needles. 
Her tail is copper wire wrapped with embroidery floss. She wears a french hood and carries a pomander and a bible. Her whiskers are monofilament. 

Most of the detailing is felted, but there is a bit of shading in the folds of her skirts, with acrylic paint.

The beads are a combination of very small glass seed beads and plastic pearls. 

And here's a shot with my hand, for scale. She stands 9cm tall.

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