Friday, November 22, 2013

Sketch: Witch

I did this little sketch last night, I felt the need to just sketch something for me, something a bit bigger than the 10-15 minute sketches I've been doing lately when I've finished working. This took an hour, so there are lots of wonky bits, but I quite like it.

She's inspired by a photo I snapped out of the car window while in Penang in 2010. I always try and photograph interesting things, they don't have to be good photos, just enough for me to get the gist of what I saw so I don't forget it. I switched the motorcycle to a scooter, as it seemed to fit the idea a bit better, while still forcing me to draw a mechanical item, which is not my strong suit. I've done a scooter before which made it a bit easier, but I need to make myself draw vehicles and architecture much more. And cats. =P

Currently this sketch is a possible for cleaning up into a full inked illustration. What do you think?

1 hour, 0.5 mechanical pencil with #B lead in a Moleskine A5 sketchbook

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