Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sketches: Campion

I was watching the Campion series, starring Peter Davison, while working in December, and was reminded that although I've made several attempts to read the books, I was always thwarted by the library system, which evidently doesn't think Margery Allingham important enough to warrant having many of her books. I had read Mystery Mile and Traitor's Purse, (with about ten years between them, both in terms of their publication and my reading them) but had never managed to get hold of any others. So I got the whole collection as ebooks and have been working my way through them. They don't require too much brain power, which is exactly what I need in the middle of summer, when it's too hot to think too hard.

So here are a couple of sketches relating to the books:

Here is Campion himself (not based on Peter Davison, my likeness-capturing abilities haven't degenerated that much! =P) from the descriptions in the first two books:

This isn't strictly a Campion sketch – I am trying to practice drawing things that I tend to avoid, and decided to start off with this car, based on a screenshot of the credits of the tv series. As far as I can tell it's a 1932 Lagonda. And then I stuck a random couple and a dog in there as well. Overall it's pretty wonky, but at least it's recognisably a car, yes?

(Pentel Brush Pen and Artline 0.4 Drawing System pen)

And finally, a character sketch from a description in Mystery Mile. This was drawn while at a bbq, so I couldn't see what I was doing overly well. =P I wanted to push it a bit further, but didn't quite manage it. I shall blame the low outdoor lighting for that.

“In the midst of this discomfort Mrs Knapp presided affably over a worn and impatient gathering. She was a vast florid person clad in an assortment of garments, each one of which attempted to do only half the duty for which it had originally been intended. Her scrawny reddish hair was drawn tightly into a knot at the back of her head, from which several escaping strands fell over her disordered bodice. Her face was chiefly remarkable for some three or four attempts at a beard which grew out of large brown moles scattered over her many chins.”

All done in a Moleskine Sketchbook and (unless stated) with a 0.5 #B mechanical pencil.

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