Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Cards: Snowmen

This year I put together two Christmas Cards for Burswood Health. I've done cards for them in previous years, and this year I used one previous design, and a new one.

Here's the new design. A couple of years ago I was given a cartoon featuring a snowman who needed to visit the chiropractor, and asked to come up with concepts utilising that basic idea for their Christmas cards, but the project was cancelled due to time constraints on the part of the clinic - so when I got a rush order this year I grabbed the concept I liked the best and worked it up into a full illustration. I got the request Friday afternoon, did the illustration over the weekend, and had three cards ready for Monday. The snowmen were very quick to put together, and as I was flat-out that weekend anyway, I was very glad it wasn't a complicated concept!

And here's the second card. This bauble design has been used a couple of times, but updated it to match the clinic's new branding; when I originally designed it the brand colours were maroon and a rich yellow-cream, but they've had everything redesigned and it's now purple and beige, with a new logo. While I was at it, I also updated the colours in another existing design, a parcel, so that there were three cards available for selection, maximising the chance that there would be something there they'd be happy using, since the time constraints didn't really allow for the usual process of concepts and drafts.

As it turned out, they were happy enough with the two above designs to pick them both, and we were able to get them off to the printers in good time! =) I did both of the designs in Adobe Illustrator CC, which was a good thing, as I wasn't at all sure what size they were going with, and vector artwork can be so easily resized, so there were no issues when they eventually chose A5 size. I also like the clean, commercial appearance of vector artwork for jobs like this.

Adobe illustrator CC

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