Saturday, March 7, 2015

Illustration: The Floral Dress

I'm shamefully late with my birthday thank you cards this year (partially because I was waiting to see how many I should make, as I didn't see many people actually on my birthday, but mostly because I've been busy), so when the Twitter Colour Collective theme came up as 'Pale Pink' I decided that I'd do a little picture that I could use for the cards. I liked the thank you cards I'd done for Christmas, so kept with that general theme and style, although this girl is more late-twenties-early-thirties Hollywood Starlet than the early-sixties of the Christmas ones. I think the bottom of her dress is probably a profusion of pink tulle....

It was fun to work with such a pink colour palette. I like pink, but I don't often use it when painting; I should use it more. 

The version I submitted for Colour Collective was a bit rougher than this as I was in a hurry. I gave it a bit of a tidy up today before I printed out my cards:

And here's my original sketch, done while watching Tony Robinson's Walking Through History (so I was a bit distracted and made her head too big >.>)

Adobe Photoshop CC with a Wacom Intuos Pro, over around two, two and a half hours, I think.

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