Saturday, November 7, 2015

Illustration: Moonlight Swim

This week's Colour Collective colour was 'Green Gold'. I went through my list of remaining 'moon songs' looking for one that would fit, and settled on 'Moonlight Swim', written by Ben Weisman and Sylvia Dee in 1957, but best known as being sung by Elvis in his 1961 film Blue Hawaii.

I haven't actually seen any Elvis films, so I went with a bit of a 'Beach Party films' vibe:

Let's go on a Moonlight Swim.
Far away from the crowd, 
all alone upon the beach. 
Our lips and our arms
close within each other's reach,
we'll be
on a Moonlight Swim

Let's go on a Moonlight Swim.
To the raft we can race
and for just a little while,
I'll sit and pretend that you're on a desert isle
with me.
On a Moonlight Swim.

Though the air is cold, 
with kisses oh so sweet, 
I'll keep you warm, 
so very warm
from your head to your feet.

Let's go on a Moonlight Swim.
We're in love, and above
there's a crazy gold balloon, 
that sits winking down
and inviting us to 
come on in.
On a Moonlight Swim.

Want to hear it?

This my 14th Colour Collective Fadeaway Girl! I think it looks a bit more 'river' than 'beach', but never mind. =) Next week is a lovely dusky 'Rose Quartz'!

Adobe Photoshop CC2015 on a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. Three hours. 

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