Thursday, April 14, 2016

Birthday Dogs

I just realised that I never posted these birthday dog commissions I did. 

This one was commissioned in February by a guy for his wife's 30th birthday. They have two schnauzers called Emilio and Nico:

This was to be printed out and framed as a birthday present. Originally it just had the dogs, but then the commissioner decided (quite rightly, why should the dogs have all the fun?) that he'd like to be in there too, so I squeezed him in. The gold/black/silver/blue colour scheme was requested, and went beautifully with the schnauzers.

And this one I did in June of last year. It was also commissioned for a birthday, but was going to be used as a birthday card (as well as some cards without the 'Happy Birthday' text) instead of a large print-out, so it's not quite as refined (so as to cost less, with the four dogs). The dogs featured here are the beagles Pantz and Sox, Chops the Schnauzer and Chocco the poodle-cross. 

I had a lot of photos to work from - it's always tricky to make a dog look like a specific dog, especially if they are hairy! Both illustrations were done in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 - but the later one was done using Kyle Webster's photoshop brushes and the first was done using the default Photoshop chalk brush. 

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