Sunday, March 4, 2018

Misc Sketches

Here are some miscellaneous sketches I've done this year:

Katia, the protagonist in the picture book I did for my honours project in Uni. I'm fond of her, every now and then I dust her off:

I don't know if this girl is hiding or discovering something. It's up to you:

There are more below the cut!

Likewise, is this girl hiding, or is she waiting for you to shush so the charades can start? I'm sensing a trend here - my brain has been mush all year...

An 'I'm watching a bonnet drama' sketch. The bonnet drama in question was Little Dorrit, so bears no relation to the sketch apart from the aforementioned bonnet.

This one was inspired by my audiobook of Robin McKinley's Rose Daughter.
"I give you a small serenity."

A coloured version of an earlier sketch, because sometimes I just feel like colouring in. This one was inspired by Diana Wynne Jones' Spellcoats, and this is Tanaqui:

A default-drawing-mode girl-in-pretty-dress for Squirrel Appreciation Day:

A return to my little pirate. She still has no name, I feel a bit bad about that...

A lady highwaywoman. I don't even know why:

A super-quick Myrna for Cheese Lovers Day (does anyone love cheese more than a dog?)

And another Myrna, for Love Your Pets Day. This was an experiment with my father's iPad Pro. I'm not very confident in Procreate so every now and then I have a bit of a practice:

Here's a timelapse of this drawing, as that is a function of Procreate:

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