Thursday, June 3, 2010

Illustration: The Minuet

A little watercolour I did of a bunch of mice dancing the minuet. I had been seeing a lot of posts about Brambly Hedge and other mousie things around, and of course I just love mice, so with such things in my mind, mousie sketching was the inevitable result.

This is the sketchbook page that started it off. Two mice in wintery clothes, because I was feeling chilly, and then four mice dancing, based on Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer's painting The Minuet, which is on the cover of my The Regency World of Georgette Heyer which happened to be to hand when I realised that it is all very well deciding to draw a dance, but it helps to know what they look like.

And, for your perusal, an animation of the progression from original sketch to finished product (around 6 and a half hours of work distilled into about 10 seconds. If only it were that fast in real life! =P)
I used pencil and watercolour, and tried to stay away from using the bold outlines and strong colours that I usually use.


  1. This is so cute and refined. :) It's nice that you showed a progression too.

  2. Hi Alene,
    I stumbled across your lovely blog looking for an image of mice behaving as humans for todays blog post on singing mice research and have inserted the wonderful image of The Minuet with full credit and link to your site.
    kindest regards
    Guggi x



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