Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sketches: Poodle

A very random sketch. I saw a poodle on tv, and started sketching one (with a blissful ignorance of exactly how poodles are clipped, resulting in a poodle that may possibly actually be a whippet disguised in soap suds). And then I had a very poofy poodle all alone in the middle of the page, so I added an owner. Who is hopefully taking her poodle to be clipped into something that reminds me less of a pompom. And then I had blank space, so I added circles. This is the result. =)

I have a feeling I should do something with this sketch, but I have no idea what....


  1. Eeee it's so cute! Poodles really are irresistible to draw. And I love how the owner stands, very natural. Hmm I wouldn't know what to suggest, it depends on whethe you feel like doing a series of cute dogs or want to leave it a one-off thing :)

  2. Sweet! But I'd like to see variations of poodle clips... What comes out of the salon as they wait?
    Would they stay or would they flee?



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