Sunday, February 27, 2011

Portrait: Murray & Lintilla

You may recognise parts of this from an earlier sneak peek. It's been finished for almost two weeks, but it's been at the framers in that time, and I was also waiting until I could give it to the couple, before uploading it anywhere. 

This was my wedding present to two of my lovely friends, who got married in July last year. I said I'd do them a portrait from their favourite wedding photo, and get it framed for them, and this is the result. Aren't they just gorgeous together? =D 

This was based mainly on one photo, which was originally a full-length-and-scenery shot – it was a good choice for a portrait, as it would never have blown up well into a head-and-shoulders photograph, but I could use a number of other shots to make up the details that couldn't be seen in the original photo, and get it as clear as possible. 

This is just slightly under A3 in size, and I used a 0.5 mechanical pencil with a #B lead, an #8B solid graphite pencil, blending stumps, cotton buds, tissues, and kneadable, plastic and electric erasers. 
For more information on my materials, please see this tutorial

Some details:

Tilly's hairpiece:

Embroidery and part of the bouquet:  

Murray's buttonhole (almost entirely made up - one too many hugs from friends and relations meant that the real one had collapsed by the time the photo I was using was taken =P) 

The whole thing took me 46.5 hours (between other work and over a number of weeks). Here's an animated progression so you can see how it came together:

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful portrait!
    It captures the rapture of the moment - both looking radiant.
    I love your animated progression - seeing the planning beneath, the detail forming and zones filling up.
    The intricacy of the embroidery is amazing.
    They are so lucky to have such a friend and such a gift!



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