Thursday, June 2, 2011

Misc Sketches

Sketch dump time!

Here are a number of sketches that I've been working on over the past month or so. None of them are particularly stella, so I thought I'd share them all at once. 

1. A Tangled sketch in my watercolour Moleskine. I'd been doing work-sketching all day, and wanted something brainless to do. Since I'd also been annotating some Tangled music for piano, my music book was to hand, and the promotional shot this is based on was in it. 
(Pitt Artists's pens in Sepia, and Winsor & Newton watercolours)

2. A small sketch done after 'Lavender's Blue' rolled around on my shuffle.

3. Redesigning Adele's costume. I'm thinking of redoing one of my honours pictures featuring her, and thought she needed a dress redesign. 

4. Two cats inspired by my uncle's very fat tabby (who unfortunately instantly ran away, so these aren't very realistic) and two life drawings of my dog, who has taken to sleeping with his back end right off his cushion. 

5. And lastly, Eleanor Powell in Born To Dance, ref from

I'm curious, which do you like best? 

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