Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sketches: Dr Who

I recently realised that I hadn't actually done any sketching from Doctor Who in anything approaching recent memory. The last Doctor Who pic I did was a portrait of David Tennant (which I was never even remotely happy with) in 2007 to accompany a portrait of Christopher Eccleston that I'd done previously. I love to sketch people and I grew up watching Doctor Who, so the lack of sketching had to be remedied. 
I have plans to do a full portrait of Matt Smith as the doctor later this year, when I'm doing a live portraiture demonstration, but in the meantime, he's awfully fun to sketch. So here's my tv sketching from this evening:

I want to get better at caricaturing people into my style (and pushing that style a bit, too), so a couple of these were trying to head in that direction, and the others were just semi-realistic sketching (especially the top centre of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan). All bar that little one in the lower right corner were referenced from screenshots I took of episodes in Season 5. 
These were done with a 0.5 mechanical pencil with a #B lead in a Jasart 'My Memoirs' sketchbook. 

Also, here are some ink and Ecoline sketches I did of the main Season 6 cast, referenced from publicity photos, as experiments in ink outlines and single-colour washes. 

These did not want to scan, and they weren't too happy about being photographed, either, so quality is low and not indicative of what they look like in person. Which is a shame; they're nothing stellar, but they do look a bit better offscreen. 
Artline 0.1 and Ecoline ink (in red, brown and yellow) in a Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook.

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