Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sketches: Princess & Christmas

A couple of quick digital sketches, just for purposes of fun and relaxation. Playing around with different styles, as well.

I read an article while waiting for my allergy jabs at the doctor's today, in which the writer bemoaned the fact that after starting daycare her daughter relegated Thomas the Tank Engine to the back of the cupboard, and started being obsessed with princesses, which her mother had been trying to avoid. I said to my mother that she could have tried explaining that it's okay to like trains and princesses (I know I certainly did =P) rather than getting upset that a chance remark from a small boy had changed her daughter's tastes so much. 

So then naturally I had to draw a princess driving a train. And lots of pink, to see how I could manage with a limited palette. Pink is not a colour I use a lot of.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 with a custom brush, Wacom Intuos 3

And here's a very rough sketch I did on my father's iPad while watching tv this evening. I don't have a stylus, so this was done with my finger in Sketchbook Pro, which I'm still learning my way around.
This started with no plan at all, I think I've ended up with a character who looks like she belongs in the film White Christmas. =P


  1. I love the princess in the train picture. I could definitely see my sisters playing with a princess train doll or two.

  2. Oh, thanks Imogen! I think I would definitely have played with such a toy. The doctor actually thought I'd be a boy, so I had train curtains when I was little, and just loved them. =P



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