Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Card: Lotus

Here's a card I designed on Friday for my Aunt's 60th birthday.

I chose a lotus theme because I'd wrapped up the parcel with an origami lotus, and the present was a circular pendant with Swarovski crystals, which transferred well into stylised water ripples. There's a bit of confetti glitter softening the edges of the centre of the flowers, and adding a bit of sparkle. 

The design was put together in Adobe Illustrator CS4, and printed on double-sided Epson Matte paper. The floral pattern on the petals is from the pattern set in the font Melany Lane – I didn't have time to come up with my own pattern. 

And tagging along on this post are a few digital gesture sketches from more photos of the dancer, done in Adobe Photoshop CS4 over the course of about 10 minutes. I should do more gesture sketching.

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