Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Painting: Wrens on a Wire

My client now has the finished piece, so I can blog the final product!

(click to see it larger)

This isn't the best scan – I had to scan it in five pieces, and the texture of rough paper never seems to align just right, unfortunately. But it was the best I could do with a 26" painting. =P
Wrens in Photoshop are much easier than in watercolour!

Here are a couple of details:

Winsor & Newton watercolours, Reeves Gouache, white Cromacryl acrylic and Prismacolour pencils on 300gsm hot-pressed watercolour paper. 

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  1. Those wrens are beautiful!

    We have wrens who like to visit our hedge. The males are so beautiful with their blue heads and backs.

    1. Thank you! ^.^

      Are you in the eastern states? The wrens are different there (no less sweet, but not all-over blue like our splendid fairy wrens in the west). I remember seeing some when on holidays down south, but they don't come in to the city, alas. They'd certainly brighten up our garden!

  2. The birds are very sweet and dreamy. Beautiful work.



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