Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Portrait: Father and Son

Just realised I hadn't blogged about this. It's my most recent portrait commission, but it's been finished for a while. 

It was done for the same lady as my portrait of Shirl was for. It's her husband's father, with her husband as a baby. As he was killed in WW2 they had very few photos (I think this might have been the only one) and although we considered doing just a head-and-shoulders composition, to match the other portraits, they decided on using the whole photo (without the background)

Here's a progress animation:

It took roughly 21 hours overall, mainly because it included two people, and the reference wasn't very clear, which required a lot of research. It's 28x35cm in size on Quill Cartridge Paper.


  1. WOW. That is amazingly impressive and so realistic. And such a touching story behind it, too. I'm sure that this will be treasured by the family for generations to come.

    1. Oh, thanks Shaylynn! I'm glad it's realistic, it's always a bit tricky when references are as unclear as the one I was using =P It was quite enjoyable to do, though, and they seemed very happy with it, which is what matters. =)



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