Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Illustration: Standing Stones

I've had lots of work to be going on with during the holiday period, plus all the socialising and stuff that eats away at one's time at this season. Plus it's been really hot, so when I'm not working, I haven't really felt like drawing. But I have taken a little time out to do some sketching.

This was started on New Year's Eve. The ABC broadcast the Edinburgh Military Tattoo then, and it's a family tradition to watch it. The show this year was opened with schoolkids dressed as Picts, which inspired this image. It took me a few days to sketch it, and then a few more to add some digital colour:

Click for a larger view!

I suppose I'm looking at about 6 hours, all up, but I wasn't really keeping track.It's not meant to be anything spectacular, and it's rather rough around the edges, but I like it!

Here's the original sketch:

And just for fun, here's a little pic of someone wearing a bearskin hat (also done while watching the Tattoo, of course). My father gave me a Wacom Inkling for Christmas, and I was playing around with it, getting the hang of it before I inserted it into my working routine. This started as a fairly simple sketch, which I then imported into Photoshop. The Inkling isn't entirely accurate with line placement, so it's better suited to images where that isn't an issue, but I tried to embrace that situation, and coloured it using the magnetic lasso tool:

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