Saturday, March 2, 2013

Activity: Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns

A little late (I've been busy) but here's a quick art activity I threw together as a back-up plan for my friend, who's currently doing relief teaching in primary schools. 

So here we have paper lanterns with snakes – obviously open to lots more decoration, this example was put together in under 10 minutes! – and designed to be easy enough for six year olds with the minimum of messy art supplies to stress out a relief teacher. The theme is (I hope obviously) the Chinese Year of the Snake:

Here's a step-by-step animated gif:

Print out the lantern template (provided at the bottom of the post) onto coloured paper. Alternatively you could measure the sections yourself. (I'm using A4 paper, and I cut a 2.5cm strip off the long side for use as a handle, folded the remaining paper in half lengthwise, and cut strips over the fold, at 1.5cm intervals, stopping 2.5cm from the edge.)
At this point the lantern can be decorated with paints or textas. 
Fold the paper in half along the dotted line. 

Cut along the lines, starting at the fold.

When you unfold the paper, you can roll it up and glue it to form a lantern.

Add the handle at the top.

Draw a long wiggly snake on some coloured paper, and decorate it. 

Cut out your snake.

Add some dots of glue at intervals along the back of the snake. It's important not to put glue everywhere, as when the snake is attached to the lantern, you want to glue it down with the glued bits closer together than they really are, so the spaces in-between loop up and look more lively.

Attach the snake to the lantern, and make more snakes to attach.

Lantern Template
Open in New Tab for full-size

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