Monday, March 18, 2013

Design: Book Covers

Here's a batch of book covers I completed recently. One of the authors found my work (specifically my Christmas silhouette) through deviantArt, and asked me to design something that could be used across all their books. They had a solid idea of what they wanted right from the start, and this is what I came up with:

I should point out that these are in no way G-Rated books, being described to me as 'steampunk gay erotic love stories with zombies' – not at all my cup of tea, but I had fun doing the covers, with all the bones and entrails and stuff I don't usually draw, and haven't actually attempted since my uni days. 

Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Intuos 3.
The fonts are Book Antiqua and Edwardian Script, chosen so the authors could easily coordinate their advertising and the like without the hassle of esoteric fonts. The blood spatters are adapted from a number of paint textures at

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