Thursday, May 23, 2013

Illustration: Circus Parade!

Here's a new portfolio piece. I've got a portfolio review coming up soon, and this is intended to take advantage of an A3 page (so it doesn't look its best online, alas). 

Click for a larger view!

Here are some details:

I wanted to show a lot of action and different characters and animals all at once. Doing all of that directly onto a piece of paper would be a recipe for tearing my hair out, so I did my initial work in Photoshop, with everything on separate layers so I could move it all around and resize if need be. I shaded everything grey so I could see the general shapes more clearly amongst all the linework:

I then printed it out (without the shading) and did my second draft on layout paper; I find it easier to draw on paper than on a computer, I can do more details.

I scanned that in and outlined everything in Photoshop on one layer, with another layer for the shadows. I coloured in flat colours using the multiply mode and then duplicated that and put it to 'overlay' so that the shadows didn't appear muddy. And once all that was done, I used a few more layers to add the streamers, confetti and balloons and other details, such as glitter. I toyed with putting a big top in the background, but it ended up being far too busy (it's busy as it is, being a circus parade and all, but there are limits! =P)

Adobe Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Intuos 3. 

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