Sunday, November 24, 2013

Needle Felting: Doctor Who

I wanted to get something done for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who – in a more perfect world I would have found the time to finish off the portrait of the Eleventh Doctor which has been hanging around, unfinished, for far too many years. I would still like to finish that, but I just didn't manage it for the Anniversary. I don't do much portraiture off my own bat any more, which is why it has been languishing. 

But I still wanted to do something, so I felted a little magnet of Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor. It would be quite nice to do all of the Doctors, little magnets are fairly quick projects, even though I only got one done today. I did part of it while watching An Adventure in Space and Time (mainly the scarf, which was a bit time-consuming) and then finished it afterwards, so I suppose it took about three hours or so of solid felting. It's not yet an actual magnet, I'll have to hunt out my magnets...
If it wasn't for the scarf and the curly hair I might have managed Doctor 11 as well. That was certainly the plan. Maybe later the group will grow. =) Certainly Tom Baker is a good fit for the manic bug-eyed look of this type of quick felting!

Merino and corriedale wool with #32, #36, #38 and star felting needles. 

Doctor Who is copyright the BBC


  1. I love it! Bug-eyed Tom Baker is immediately identifiable and ever so cute.

    1. Thank you! =) I think I started with the easy one, Tom Baker is so distinctive!



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