Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Felting: Poinsettia Fascinator

My mother had to have a Christmas fascinator for a party, so I put this together (thus saving the inevitable last minute panic =P). I could have gone the rout of kitschy and huge, but instead I decided to go for elegant and understated – this way it can be used again, maybe to decorate some of my duller hats. I didn't particularly feel like spending hours on a one-use item. My mother is not the sort of person who would feel comfortable in a foot-tall monstrosity, anyway. I could have added a veil, but I know it would have driven her insane all evening. =P 

I used commercial flat felt for the individual leaves and petals, and needle felted the details into them, along with the central yellow pollen. Mostly it's stitched together, with a bit of needle felting thrown in, and I added a few details with plastic gold beads and loops of rayon cord. It's held on with black hat elastic, as I didn't have a fascinator clip to hand. 
I was inspired by the 1920s, especially as the latest season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries has just finished airing here – I covet pretty much every hat she has. =P 

It took three hours, while watching tv. I could have spent longer, but decided it was good enough.
Photo taken by my father.

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