Sunday, December 29, 2013

Needle Felted Ornaments

I threw these together very quickly, mainly on Christmas Eve, as my mother had decided it would be nice to hang little ornaments in the glasses of all the female family members at Christmas lunch. After my mad rush to get them finished she then forgot to do so, which was a bit annoying, but we ended up hanging them off some presents for some young girls we know, so it was all good. 

I did four designs, and they took roughly an hour each, so they're all a bit wonky. I embellished them with small beads so that they would have a bit of sparkle.

Here's a closer look. They're not the best photos, I took them at 2am as I wasn't expecting them to stay in the house long enough for me to take better ones, and wanted to document what I had done. =P 



Plum Pudding:


I used a darning needle and brute force to thread ribbon through the top so they can be hung on a tree. 

Merino and Corridale Wool with #32, #36 and #38 felting needles, glass and plastic beads and satin ribbon. 

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