Friday, June 12, 2015

Portrait: Ruby

I've just completed this portrait of baby Ruby.

(Click for a larger view)

Babies take a deceptively long time to render, and the little details, like their fine hair, and the thin veins around their eyes that show how thin the skin is are more important than when you're doing an adult portrait, and you have to get them right. Ruby also had a complicated frilly dress on, but as there was no background to do, I completed this portrait in just over 10 hours. 

Here's a detail:

For this portrait I used a 0.5 Mechanical pencil with a #B lead, and blended with tissues, cotton makeup remover pads, cotton buds and blending stumps. I also used plastic, kneadable and electric erasers. For more information on my portraiture tools, head over to this tutorial

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