Saturday, August 15, 2015

Illustration: A Sleepy Lagoon

I had such fun with last week's Colour Collective that I decided to continue the Coles Phillips Fadeaway Girl theme with this week's colour, which was Magenta Haze. I'd titled last week's illustration with an old song featuring a moon (Moonlight Serenade) and this week I decided to go with another song, A Sleepy Lagoon, which has always struck me as a purple-sounding piece of music. I play it on the piano and it was written by Jack Lawrence and Eric Coates. 

A sleepy lagoon
A tropical moon
And two on an island
A sleepy lagoon
And two hearts in tune
In some lullaby land
The fireflies gleam
Reflects in the stream
They sparkle and shimmer
A star from on high
Falls out of the sky
And slowly grows dimmer

The leaves from the trees
All dance in the breeze
And float on the ripples
I'm lost in a spell
That nightingales tell
Of Roses and dew
The memory of
This moment of love
Will haunt me forever
A tropical moon
A sleepy lagoon
And you.

Want to hear it? Here's Dinah Shore singing it. 

I kept to the same basic composition as last week, with the moon behind, but I started much earlier in the week and was able to add more detail. I enjoyed creating all the palm fronds, but the reflection of the moon was a bit tricker. For a while I toyed with giving her a white hibiscus instead of a red one, but in the end I went with red, as the addition of the warm red colour made everything feel a bit more tropical by heating up the whole colour scheme. I enjoy keeping to a limited pallette, however, so nearly every colour here owes something to magenta, apart from the white of the moon and the red accents.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 on a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

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