Monday, May 23, 2016

But it's RAINING....

Here is my 'Velvet Clover' Colour Collective. It was such a lovely stormy-day kind of colour, and Myrna is never happy about walking in the rain, so there was my subject:

Of course, Myrna will happily roll around in all the mud kicked up by footballers on the oval, but getting her out for a walk while it's raining? Sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth, especially as I'm not keen on walking in the rain either... This is rather what the weather is like here today, although we managed a brisk walk in-between heavy showers of rain. There were bits of tree everywhere and Myrna thought it was all Not Usual!

For the purposes of full disclosure: I don't walk Myrna on a collar and leash, we have an easy-walk harness for her. Letting her walk with the lead attached to her collar means she pulls a lot and makes distressing noises as the collar presses on her soft cavalier trachea. We don't like that at all. But for this illustration I just used the collar and lead, as it worked better visually and was much simpler. But I do not drag my dog around by the neck, I promise! =) 

Here's my original sketch:

And here it is in a partially completed stage:

I enjoyed doing that wet pavement. I think they worked well!

Adobe Photoshop CC2015 on a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. About 2 hours. 

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