Sunday, October 15, 2017

Inktober 2017: Week 2

Despite being horrendously busy, I decided that I would take some time for Inktober this year. If you don't know what that is, it's an October challenge on social media, where you draw something in ink every day. Some of the artwork is amazing, go check it out! There is an official prompt list, and a number of people write their own prompt lists - but there are no real rules, and I'm not following any prompts.

I decided to draw really little images each day - just so I can have ten to twenty minutes working with a nice traditional brush pen, on actual paper, on something that doesn't have to be perfect. I'm not pretending to be up there with the people who do a full-blown, amazing illustration every day. I'm too busy for that, for a start! =P

For my second week, my character was a black raven:

See more below the cut:
Day 9: Chat with a bat

Day 10: Tug of Worm

Day 11: Helping with the tea

Day 12: Dropping in for lunch

(This is a frizzle chicken. If you've never seen one, do yourself a favour and google them!)

Day 13: Witch's Hat

This piece was inspired by the fact that it was Friday the thirteenth and everyone seemed  to be drawing witches to celebrate. I was born on Friday 13th (albeit in February) so I felt I should join in!

Day 14: Old friends

I revisited the kitten from week one for this one (done incredibly fast and very late at night, oh, for more time in the day). I'm not sure what I'll do for week three yet...

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